Natural hair

So i have been treating my hair with relaxers for a few years, but about 4 months ago i decided to stop and go natural. It has been great for my hair health so far, but because i am still new i do not know the best hair products and or styles that are good or bad for my hair. 

I started with looking up videos on Youtube and even looking things up on Google, but i feel like there is just too much information for me to be able to pinpoint exactly which tips are lies and which ones actually work. Before i came home from my trip to Kenya this summer i decided to get my hair braided into micro twists (as shown above) because i heard that it was protection against hair damage.i don’t understand how it helps, but i guess it does. The second photo shown is a hairstyle i want to learn how to recreate and maintain.

If  anyone has any good tips on how i can maintain healthy natural hair i would gladly appreciate it. Thanks.

My guilty pleasure

Have you ever had a day where there is finally nothing to be done, and no where you need to go? Well this week has been that for me. I was free between my classes on Tuesday and i decided on logging to Netflix and possibly watching a movie. Instead i see that How to Get Away With Murder was added on there. Oh My Goodness the amount of excitement that came over me was just huge. I mean i felt like one of those old cartoon characters, that when they got hyper they would bounce off the walls. I then wondered, if they are adding it to Netflix then does that mean that the new season is coming out? Thank you to Google i found out i was right. It was premiering this Thursday,well actually yesterday. With this date in mind i remembered that if i did not catch up that day i was not going to have enough time the next 2 days. So i did what every other college student does, even if they wont admit it. I watched the whole season 1 in about 5-7 hours.

I realize that i may have gone a little overboard and obsessed by watching the whole season in 1 sitting, but i honestly couldn’t help myself.

A little girls dream.

When i was a little girl i used to watch shows about people planning their wedding or trying on their dresses. My favorite was Say Yes to the Dress. That show made me think of my fairytale wedding i wanted later in life….This love for weddings did not go away because i am still addicted to Say Yes to the Dress. haha its my guilty pleasure next to Mysteries of the ER. (so different from each other i know). So recently i applied at my local David’s Bridal and i got the job. I was and still am excited because i get to be apart of the process that i used to watch on TV. I see brides/bridesmaids try and possibly choose THE DRESS and it is just amazing. If 10 yr old Juliet saw me now, she would be jumping up with excitement.

P.S. Because of my new work schedule i have decided to start making new posts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Oh Em Geeh!!

Okay those who know me know that i absolutely LOVE watching American Horror Story. The show is crazy and twisted but i honestly cannot stop watching it…its like potato chips, you cant just eat one lol

The preview to this season looks scary enough to not watch before bed. I just hope that it lives up to its name and it does make me want to crawl under the covers, or snuggle up with a teddy bear.I guess i have to wait until October 7th to find it out.


My heart is broken

I have been wanting to read this book for a while now because John Green is probably one of my favorite authors and since the movie is being released July 24th, i thought it was a perfect time to start. Unfortunately i have to keep my wait a couple weeks to see it since i will be out of the country when its out in theaters. I just hope it will still be in theaters once i come back, otherwise i have to be patient for it to be on Redbox or Amazon Prime.